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Louise Felicia by MorpiceRedwood Louise Felicia by MorpiceRedwood
Name: Louise Felicia
Name Meaning: Louise: Famous Warrior
Felicia: Happiness
Age: 21
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color: Gold
Race: Werewolf
Birthplace: Athens Greece
Species: Lycanthrope
Clothing Choice: Ripped blue jeans, white tank top, undone long sleeved button up plaid shirt (Sleeves usually rolled), high tops, a black scarf that seems to float above her shoulders, and a chain attached to her wrist as if she was locked up.
Tattoos: She has a tribal tattoo running up her back to her neck and down the back of her arms.
Scars/Birthmarks: She has a scar on her right wrist and on her right knee
Piercing: N/A
Appearance: Louise has smooth, brown hair and shining gold eyes. She thinks herself average and her hair unruly. She is also considerably taller than other girls and boys her age.
Appearance: As a wolf she appears as a regular wolf with red eyes and white pupils. She has light and dark brown fear with black whiskers, she’s still seen with the black scarf floating over her shoulders even as a wolf and with the chain still hooked around her wrist, although it’s her ankle as a wolf
Parents: Charles S. Church (Father) Ellen Felicia
Other Family: N/A
Clan/pack/coven: Athens wolf pack
Powers: She can turn into a wolf on command, although on the full moon she can’t control it, she has super human strength, regeneration and speed as a human
Talents: Multi-tasking
Occupation: Regulus’s banes Assistant
Likes: Sweets, walks, the stars, swimming, meat
Dislikes: Sour things, gold/shining things, caves, extremely dark places
Soft Spot: Werewolf’s, Vampires (Due to the fact she doesn’t really care about the rivalry in between them), foods with lots of meat, cute things.
Sexuality/Sexual preference: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Bio: She was born in Athens Greece and is sometimes seen speaking Greek instead of English by mistake, her mouth was French and her father Greek. She left Athens at the age of 15 and started exploring different countries as an archeologist; she spent a lot of time in Egypt and Rome before going to Silver moon Island. She didn’t really know much about the place and soon met Regulus Bane; he seems to have taken her on as an assistant and doesn’t really bother her to much although she always tries to go out of her way to help him.
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November 26, 2012
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